2020 Fall - SUU - Thu - Isaac Sorensen - (37° 46.036' N,-113°01.774' W)

Dirt collected around the perimeter of a house, pesticide Tempo SC Ultra Control (beta-Cyfluthrin11.8%) has been used in 2020 From the 16s sDNA, Ihave concluded that this sample isBrevundimonas diminuta,which is a gram negative rod that tests positive for catalase and oxidase and is non motile. My sample has those exact characteristics

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Perimeter of Hansen's house, 4946 N wagon wheel dr, cedar city, UT 84720, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Isaac Sorensen
Southern Utah University
Lab Section
Course Term
Year of Course
Images for Soil Sample
Extended Analysis Results
16S rDNA File
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