2020 Spring - SUU - Thu - Gabriel Campos - (37.6772, -113.1197)

Founds soil at Ladybug Nursery in a pot with soil Pesticide used was Neem oil and Corrys Slug and Snail Bacteria determined is Pseudomonas aeruginosa Ecology: Isolated from soil, water, plants, clinical human and animal specimens Morphology: Singular, Bacillus, 1-3 um, Gram-negative, Catalase (+), Oxidase (+), Motile (+), Strict Aerobic

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Ladybug Nursery, 42 S Westview Dr, Cedar City, Utah 84720, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Gabriel Campos
Southern Utah University
Lab Section
Course Term
Year of Course
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