2020 Spring - UH - Mon - Atish Nipul Sanghavi

This location was chosen based on the fact that it was a farmland and active farming is done here in this 288 acre plot land. The location is openland across all the sides. The sample was collected from Houston outskirts, precisely from Richmond. The land soil was moist and had a dark texture. It almost looked as if new fresh batch of cultivation was seen. The location had just one Harlem road connecting it to the city. It was mostly quiet with few to none population around. The closest residential place from the location is 8 miles.There was no water body seen around. To get the sample I went inside the farmland towards the center and dug a hole. I took a scoop of soil sample. The soil sample was dark texture with very few fine particles, thick in context, had a distinct pungent smell to it.

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Loam agronomics, 1300 Harlem Road, Richmond, Texas 77406, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Atish Nipul Sanghavi Sanghavi
University of Houston
Lab Section
Course Term
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