2021 Fall - UH - Mon - Alice Vu

Soil sample obtained on 08/29/2021 at Bishop Fiorenza Park nearby a tree.

Inoculated tubes observations:

Week 0: Brown, muddy.

Week 1: Colors lightened up. Lighter colors on SSM compared to CSM.

Week 2: 3/4 tubes are clear-colored except for Px on CSM. Yellow color indicates possible OP hydrolysis.

Week 3: Tubes on SSM are clear-colored. Px on CSM is yellow-colored and also Px on SSM (lighter yellow shade). Indicates OP hydrolysis

Week 4: Similar results to week 3

Week 5: 4/4 tubes show clear color. Slight cloudiness in previously yellow-colored tubes (Px on CSM and SSM).

Px Plate: No halos around colonies, thus no signs of OP hydrolysis seen. Bacteria able to tolerate OP pesticide but not degrade it.

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Bishop Fiorenza Park, Westpark Dr, Houston, Texas 77082, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Alice Vu
University of Houston
Lab Section
Course Term
Year of Course
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