2022 Spring - Tarleton - Wed - Aeron Pennington

The goal of the project is the gather information regarding soil bacteria capable of metabolizing organophosphates. From the results of student 5 samples, there are likely bacteria capable of breaking down Paraoxon. This project is being conducted by students and universities all over the country. The intent is to discover bacteria and biological pathways could help mitigate the damage done to the environment through the usage of pesticides. This a wide-scale project and continued work needs to done in order to provide more information.

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Near Tarleton Agricultural Center, Stephenville, TX (approximation), 910 Co Rd 518, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Aeron Pennington
Tarleton State University
Lab Section
Course Term
Year of Course
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