2022 Spring - Tarleton - Wed - Alexandra Sottosanti

In the final results shown in the Week 5 Results image, the CSM_Px sample was the only one to sustain the pesticide bioremediation bacteria. The revitalized culture is identified with the number 20 and was plated from the CSM_Px culture. This means that the bioremediation bacteria were able to metabolize the pesticide Paraxon, while in the Carbon selective medium. There is a clear color difference between the CSM_Px sample, and the other three samples in that the other three do not show significant color variation, indicating no pesticide metabolizing bacterial growth. Throughout weeks 2-5, the CSM_Px test tube maintains a stronger difference compared to the other tubes, indicating early on that this tube could contain the desired bacteria.

The T-test Results image depicts a T-test, or a statistical analysis that measures the significance between two variables and determines if the significance is due to random chance. The variables are considered significant if the P-value, or the number circled in yellow on the image above, is greater than 0.05. With the T-test calculating a resulting P-value of 0.60, there was no significant difference between samples of the BIMS majors compared to Other majors.

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Tarleton State University campus, Stephenville, TX, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States
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Alexandra Sottosanti
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