2022 Spring - Tarleton - Wed - Ryleigh Kennedy

My cultures in the MP-SSM and MP-CMP stayed quite clear throughout the experiment, only having a yellowish tint at most. My Px-SSM and Px-CSM cultures both got to a point where they were fairly bright yellow, my Px-CSM especially. This yellow change of color was from the indicator p-nitrophenol showing the bacteria broke down carbon/sulfur groups in the pesticides. I hypothesize that the CSM did not work out well for myself or others completing this lab because we could have all ended up with soil that was more similar than we realized. Although we didn’t all collect from the same area, it’s possible that we somehow all had soil containing the same nutrients, microorganisms, etc. After completing the t-test which compared BIMS students versus students from other majors, it was indicated that there was a significant difference between the two columns (0.065564).

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
Stephenville City Park, Stephenville, TX, United States
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Ryleigh Kennedy
Tarleton State University
Lab Section
Course Term
Year of Course
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