2021 Spring | UH | Wed | Jessica Yang |

Sample Description
  • Approx. 50g of soil sample was collected from the bottom of a hole 12in deep. The soil was placed inside an amber tube and Ziploc bag to protect it from light exposure during transportation to the lab. 
  • Week 0: 1g of soil was added to 6mL of LB media and left to incubate at 30°C, 200rpm for 2 weeks (*1 additional week due to winter storm Uri). 
  • Week 1: 1mL of LB culture was transferred into 4 tubes containing 4mL of CSM/SSM minimal media with Px/MP pesticide for a total of 5mL. Each tube was incubated for 1 week at 30°C, 200rpm. 
  • Week 2-5: The previous week's tubes were collected and the innoculation was transferred into fresh media tubes containing 5mL of the corresponding CSM/SSM minimal media with Px/MP pesticide. Each tube was incubated for 1 week at 30°C, 120rpm. This procedure was repeated 3 times on a weekly basis. 
  • Week 6: 1mL of sample is taken from the CSM Px tube displaying the strongest (+) yellow color and innoculated in 10mL of enriched media to grow overnight at 37°C, 200rpm. The innoculation is transferred to a minimal media plate with Px pesticide and grown for 7 days to observe for OP hydrolysis. 
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29.578245, -95.0680343
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Baronridge Park
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Taylor Lake Village
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Harris County
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