2017 Spring | UH | None | Ayesha Jamal | Soil Sample

Sample Description

<p>The soil sample was taken taken from a local park located in SugarLand. A 8-10 feet hole was dug into the ground and a mixture of wet and dry soil was collected in put into the soil collection tube. Over the course of 5 weeks it was noted that the Sulfur Selective Media with the Paraoxon was the best at showing pesticide degradation in bacteria. It was noted in week 4 and week 5 of the experiment that the the SSM+PX tube turned orange then, burnt orange. In the agar plate, it was noted that the PX resulted in two types of bacteria, the larger bacteria around the outside was able to hydrolyze and the bacteria towards the center was only able to tolerate the paraoxon.</p>

Date of Collection
Semester of Collection
Spring 2017
My Institution
Number of Colonies of Paraoxon
Number of Colonies of Methyl Parathion
Geolocation for Sample
29.635669, -95.659467
Location Name
Cullinan Park
Location Street
12414 Highway 6 S
Location City
Sugar Land
Location State
Location Country
Location Postal Code

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