2014 Fall | UH | None | Laredo Tx, close to river soil sample

Sample Description

<p>This sample was collected from the nearby shore of Rio Grande, the main river that divides the US with Mexico along Texas. It is noted that a significant amount of contaminants run down this river, making it a very suitable place for data collection. The sample was taken from the US side in a nearby zone close to the international Bridge Juarez Lincoln. During the incubation and transferring process of 5 weeks, the sample displayed increased activity in Paraoxon CSM enriched media with a noticeable yellow coloration, whereas the rest of the tubes did not show any activity and progressively faded into a complete clear coloration. After plating and growth the whole plate was completely covered and made colony count not possible, however prominent white/yellow colonies can be seen which are approximately 200. These colonies are possible zones of hydrolysis of bacteria that is expressing an OPH gene.</p>

Date of Collection
Semester of Collection
Fall 2014
My Institution
Number of Colonies of Paraoxon
Number of Colonies of Methyl Parathion
Geolocation for Sample
27.498919, -99.4922705
Location Name
Next to Rio Grande (Rio Bravo), border with México
Location Street
301 Logan Ave
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