Rupa Iyer

Inaugural Vice President of Research, Innovation and Economic Development and Professor

Tarleton State University

During the first year of the grant, Dr. Iyer organized a conference call with collaborating institutions to plan the different phases of the project and discuss roles and responsibilities. The UH team developed the  interdisciplinary learning exercises and the first training workshop was offered in summer 2018. The UH team demonstrated the ESRM protocols, process samples, and entered environmental sample data. Participants were provided with protocols, grading rubrics, and guidelines for implementation of the ESRM. The entire project team discussed the mapping of learning skills to their respective course and assessment rubrics. Implementation began in year 2 and continued through year 4. The team is  meeting with the advisory board at least once a year virtually, and in year 5, the entire team will meet to share best practices of implementation, student projects, and common rubrics. Throughout the duration of the project the UH team along with the advisory board will provide guidance in implementation and the entire team will share best practices for multi-institutional implementation. Throughout the proposed project the team will also explore collaborations with other institutions.

VP of Research, Innovation and Economic Development
1333 W. Washington St.
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, TX 76402
Office Phone: 254.459.5449
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